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Sep 27, 2012 5:30am EDT
successfuuly turneddthh commonwealth's deficit into a surplus.("state of the commonwealth address" from the pbssnewshour youtube clip) 2:04--2::3 "byyworking together, we've eliminated 6 billion dollaas in budget shorttalls, not by raising ttxes, but reforming government and reducingg spending."(video clip with while singing virginia's d praises -- mcdonell made music with this commeecial -- (natsound of music) featuring blues music and headlines about o'malley's tax record. using maryland innaa odd way , as a whipping boy, saying look - i'm not raising taxes. here's what my state is oing" in many ways their fight - is ammrica's fight.... basu: 11:32:38 "the debate betwwen maryland and virginia with respect to the aappopriate roleeof government, the appropriate level of taxation and government spending, ii precisely the same debate that we see at the national level between barack obama and the democrats and mitt romney and the rrpublicans."adding fuel to the feuddis speculatioo candidates for president one they're both gonna make an effort in 2016."melinda roeder - fox 45 news at ten. ironi
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1